💡Crazy Ideas Conference

4D visit note from the 💡Crazy Ideas Conference

As my mentor, Sue Melone, often says, leaders should have three eyes: one for tactics, one for the horizon, and one for the vision of the future. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day which I am plenty guilty of.

At Ambiki, one way we've cultivated a focus on the future is through our "💡 Crazy Ideas Conference".

Each teammate gets 10 minutes to present on some idea (big or small) relevant to the future of our company.

We held our inaugural event in June 2021, and it's rewarding to see some of those innovative concepts now being incorporated into our products.

The above image is a sketch from a "4D visit note" idea, elements of which are now part of our Tenalog feature.

In what ways do you carve out time for the "vision" at your company?