Streamlining operations

Streamlining Operations
This image was created with the assistance of DALLĀ·E 2 - An abstract watercolor showing the streamlining of a company's operations

Many of my favorite features in Ambiki came from studying the operational processes of practices. Often, a single process can span multiple teams and personnel, evolving into a multi-step marathon over time.

No one individual sees how complex it has become (because no one has time to look).

Consider the patient intake documents process of a practice serving schools:

  • Administrator crafts the documents.
  • A wave of communications and training sessions ensue regarding document distribution.
  • Therapists then need to determine which documents suit each patient based on the above training sessions.
  • Documents get printed for individual patients.
  • Therapists carry them to schools for patient distribution.
  • Patients take these documents home.
  • Hopefully, parents locate, fill in, and promptly return them.
  • Therapists then scan and upload these docs.
  • Manual data entry from documents to patient profiles.

This entire cycle needs completion before seeing the patient, directly impacting cash flow.

Now, imagine the power of technology in streamlining this:

  • Software autonomously generates intake document bundles based on the patient profile and pushes them to the patient portal.
  • Parents receive email/notification and sign digitally.
  • Data seamlessly integrates into the patient's profile.

Have you taken an inventory of your practice's operational steps recently? Start with just one process and see what insights emerge. I'm confident you'll discover something valuable.