Taxonomy Tree
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Imagine being a speech therapist, meticulously working with a client on "expressive language" or "articulation."

  • Where can you find the best materials to use in your session?
  • Is there a goal bank of pertinent goals?
  • How about accessing evidence-based practice research papers?
  • Relevant skilled interventions?
  • And connecting with other therapists, those with demonstrated expertise in this area?

What if all of these were available in one consolidated place? What could that empower you to do?

  • Find the best resources for your session?
  • Easily write the goals for your next plan of care?
  • Study up on the latest evidence-based practice?
  • Decide which skilled interventions to utilize?
  • Connect and consult with like-minded colleagues?
  • Demonstrate your own expertise to unlock more opportunities in your specialization areas?

At Ambiki, it took months of work and hours of interviews with therapists to lay out this foundational backbone vision, which we call our taxonomy. But, this is only the beginning.

Over the coming months we’ll be releasing an even more powerful goal framework which features a deep integration with skilled interventions. Additionally, we’ll be adding FAbS (functional ability scale) which will allow practices deeper analytical insight into the value you are adding and progress you are making in the lives of the clients you serve (a huge thank you to Michaela and Jeri from Speechcenter, Inc. for making this possible).

Join us at Ambiki, where professional growth and client success is at the heart of everything we craft. Together, we're shaping the future of speech therapy.