There is no done

There is no done
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Consider the idea that for some things, 'there is no done'. Far from a daunting concept, it's actually freeing and exhilarating.

In a world where improvement and expansion are constants, engaging in something with no endpoint, especially something that ignites your passion, is a fulfilling experience.

I feel lucky to be involved in such a 'there is no done' project - Ambiki. The never-ending nature of it might be stressful or intimidating to some, but to me, it's a thrilling aspect.

One of my greatest fears (involving work life) is monotony - the dread of getting stuck in a repetitive cycle. But when you're involved in a project, company, or problem where 'there is no done', that fear dissipates. It's a journey of continual evolution and excitement. It makes getting up easy.

Should you find an opportunity at the intersection of your passion and the concept of 'there is no done', I strongly recommend seizing it.