Unrealized visits

Unrealized visits

How many speech therapy IEP (Individualized Education Plan) visits go unrealized in a month?

It's more than you might imagine. While I don't have an exact figure, the data we've analyzed is quite revealing.

Consider an IEP frequency of 8 visits per month. On average:

  • 100% achieve at least 1 visit
  • 98% achieve at least 2 visits
  • 94% achieve at least 3 visits
  • 87% achieve at least 4 visits
  • 80% achieve at least 5 visits
  • 65% achieve at least 6 visits
  • 40% achieve at least 7 visits
  • Only 20% achieve all 8 visits

Why is this significant?

This is frequently one of the most neglected areas where straightforward improvements can be made. More often than not, the primary solution comes from revising your practice's scheduling approach. Leveraging technology to better grasp availability, holidays, and front-loading based on anticipated absence rates is key.

Addressing this area results in a triple victory:

  1. Clients receive their full mandated IEP treatment frequency.
  2. Therapists spend less time managing make-ups and juggling schedules.
  3. Practices meet compulsory requirements without fail.

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