Zen zone days

Zen zone days
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We're embarking on a new experiment at Ambiki. As a software development company, collaboration is paramount to our success. However, the ability to engage in deep, focused work is equally crucial. This initiative aims to strike a balance, ensuring we allocate adequate time for both.

"Hey team, I've been thinking about how we can give teammates more chances to get into a flow state. Teamwork and collaboration are extremely important to what we do, but sometimes we also need a chance to retreat to a metaphorical cabin in the woods.

The idea is called Zen Zone Days. These are 7 days spread throughout the year where you can go 'offline' from meetings, Teams, and client responsibilities (the only restriction being you can't use them on back-to-back days). You are "OOO" to the rest of the team and external parties.

You're still working, but the idea is to give you uninterrupted time to really dig deep into tasks and projects. It's a chance to get into a flow state without the usual distractions. I believe this could help us all feel more productive and less stressed. Let me know your thoughts/questions/comments."