"Ideas are free, it’s the execution that will cost you."
  • Drop all your photos into the service, and it will automatically organize and tag them, allowing you to search by people, dates, events, and more.
  • Organize your house so you never lose anything again (visual notebook of where things are located, easily searchable)
  • Develop an AI-powered simultaneous interpreter
  • Visualize multiple conversations and trace their threads. An AI would determine the missing context and identify related threads. This tool would also include a feature to summarize each conversation (or translate the conversation to another language).
  • Fridge chart - easily track everything in your fridge by some sort of weighing and scanning device along with expiration date. The application can then recommend recipes that take into account your personal tastes and your remaining ingredients prioritizing those expiring soon.

NB: I recognize that these ideas may already exist in some form or another, this list represents projects I aspire to build in my spare time, rather than entirely novel concepts.